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Level Promotion in Criminal Case

In Criminal Case lately many people were wondering what is the next level promotion that they will get and at what level.The first promotion that you will get at this moment in Criminal Case when you start playing for the first time it will be at level 5,you will get the "Deputy" rank.

After some research that I made,I found the full list of Criminal Case Promotion Ranks/Levels.Here they are:

 Level 0-4  : Officer
 Level 5-11  : Deputy
 Level 12-19  : Detective
 Level 20-31  : Corporal
 Level 32-44  : Sergeant
 Level 45-59  : Lieutenant
 Level 60-74  : Captain
 Level 75-99  : Major
 Level 100-124  : Inspector
 Level 125-149  : Lead Inspector
 Level 150-174  : Commander
 Level 175-199  : Deputy Chief
 Level 200-249  : Commissioner
 Level 250-299  : Sheriff
 Level 300-349  : Ranger
 Level 350-399  : Marshal (New Rank )
 Level 400-..  : Senior Trooper (New Rank )

At the moment Criminal Cases Ranks don't offer any bonuses,it would have been cool if they offered.Example the higher rank you have the faster the energy bar will refill,to be more preciously the time you need to wait for 1 energy will be lowered by 5 seconds or more by each rank.

Some other bonuses might be,increasing the number of Orange Juices,Chips you can get daily from you friends,discount on your character customization.Many cool bonuses that can be implented in the game can be found,but maybe in the future Criminal Case developers will think about this,it might be a opportunity for them to make the game more attractive.

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