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Criminal Case Tips & Tricks

+ Free Gifts & Stuff

We strongly recommend you to like Criminal Case Offical Facebook page ( If you like the page, you can see their facebook wall gifts-related shares.

+ Daily Free Extra Energy

You can get 110 extra energy points from. The daily limit for energies are 3 pieces of orange juice and 1 pieces of potato chips. Normally you have to look at the walls of your friends to find these energies or Criminal Case Offical Facebook Page's Comments. Our page you can view all of user shared free energy links. Also get rid of fake shares. Do not worry about missing it, Wait for new energy opportunities

+ More Lucky Cards

For More lucky cars follow the steps

  1. Share orange juice or patato chips
  2. Go to your facebook profile
  3. Find the share on your facebook profile
  4. Right Click and copy link
  5. Go to Criminal Case Offical Facebook (
  6. Paste the link to the comments of upper posts
  7. You're done!

+ Fast Level Up

  • Play any scene and 5 stars
  • Now you can play this scene with 5 energy points instead of 20 energy points
  • You get 20 XP for each scene that you played for only 5 energy points
  • In this way, you can skip a level very quickly

+ Get Maximum Points In The Scene

To get maximum score on scenes, you must use the 6x and hints bonuses . But dont use them when you play the scene first time. Playing scenes severally times you solve places of the objects and you can get higher scores with the bonuses.

+ No Teammate Limit

There is no limit for the teammates in the game. Therefore, you receive extra daily energy as much as the number of your teammates. If you have around 500 Teammates / Daily Player then you will get 500*2=1000 daily energy . If you need teammates please visit here

+ Solve A Case

Before playing cases you have to choose in which scene you want 4 Stars & in which scenes you want 5 stars . Never jump one scenes to another to get a star quickly. Cause eventually you have to come back & solved the scenes but by then you will forget the scene completely & start like amature more over you need more energy to solve a case.

+ Need 36 Stars

You will need 36 stars to solve a case completely . To complete a case you need to solve 4 types of scenes

  • Find Scenes (1,2,4,5,7,8)
  • Puzzle Scene (3)
  • Time Limit Scene (6)
  • Cross Matching Scene (9)

Points for completing a star are varies from scenes to scenes . points needed to complete 5 stars scenes 1 < 4 < 3 < 6 < 9 < 7 < 2 < 5 < 8 . So scene 1 needs less energy to solve than case 2/5/8 . Scene 1 needs around 8,000,000 points for the 5th star where scenes 2/5/8 needs more than 16,000,000 points. For the 5th star . In which case, you want to get 5 stars now its up to you.

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